We all know: eating vegetables is healthy and we do not do enough. With these tips, you can quickly eat a lot more vegetables and it will be tasty too.⠀

The nutrition center recommends eating at least 250 grams of vegetables per day. That’s more serving spoons than you think.

It is important to vary with vegetables, because there is not one vegetable that contains all the nutrients. And different types and colors of vegetables invite you to eat more. ⠀

Below you will find 4 handy tips: ⠀

  1. Vegetables for breakfast and lunch: Wholemeal bread with, radish, tomato, and cucumber, a green salad or prefer a vegetable omelet? It’s all possible and that way you get a large load of vegetables. With regard to fresh vegetables, there is plenty of choice, but do you have difficulty choosing? Then go for vegetables in the offer or vegetables that you do not know yet. ⠀
  2. Take a break with vegetables. It is always a treat with home-made “vegetable fries”: strips of, for example, carrot, pepper and cucumber and bags of vegetable snacks can easily be taken everywhere. Or how healthy vegetable chips? ⠀
  3. Vegetables for dinner: Take vegetables as a basis, there are endless possibilities. You can prepare vegetables in many ways: raw, cooking, steaming, baking, stir-frying, grilling or pureeing. This way you make vegetable food even more varied. Feel rich with a well-filled oven dish for example. ⠀
  4. Seasonal vegetables Do you want to take the environment into account? You can find friendly vegetables in the fruit and vegetable calendar. This calendar takes into account the seasons and origin. Sustainable choices throughout the year include: celery, cauliflower, broccoli, iceberg lettuce, leek, radish, beetroot, red cabbage, sprout, tomato, onion, carrot and chicory.⠀

Try to apply these tactics in order to help your consume one of your 5 a day!