Exercise can be described as a form of movement that requires muscular activity and an increase in heart rate. Examples of physical exercise are swimming, walking, jogging, ball sports, weightlifting, and dancing. Being active is known to have several physical and mental benefits. Here are three main benefits of regular exercise for your mental and physical well being. ⠀

Increases Happiness⠀

Exercise has shown to increase mood and to reduce the feelings of anxiety and depression by changing parts of the brain that regulate stress and anxiety (1). It increases the production of endorphins which help produce positive feelings. ⠀

It Can Aid With Weight Loss⠀

Inactivity is one the main factors that leads to weight gain and obesity. Regular exercise has shown to increase metabolic rate, which will help you burn calories and lose weight when combined with good nutrition (2). Combined with resistance training can further increase fat loss and help with building or retaining muscle. ⠀

Good For Bone Health⠀

When becoming older, bone density starts to decrease. This bone decalcification can lead to osteoporosis: more bone is broken down than produce. This means you might break something faster.⠀

Physical exercise, for example, stimulates the production of bone tissue (3). By moving regularly you can slow bone decalcification as much as possible. The sooner you start this, the better.⠀


Try to exercise at least 2 to 3 times a week for 45 minutes in order to obtain as many of these benefits as possible!⠀

Let us know if you would like some advice and tips on how to exercise more. ⠀



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