What is the energy balance?⠀

Energy is essential for the human body. You need energy for your body to function. Nutrition is the energy source for your body. By eating and drinking you provide your body with energy every day. The amount you eat and drink is also called your energy intake. The body uses this energy to function. The amount of energy that you use to function is also referred to as your energy use.⠀

The energy consumption consists of different parts. Your body uses energy for all primary processes of life, such as keeping your lungs functioning and the beating of your heart. The energy that your body uses for these processes is called your basal metabolism. Your body also needs energy to digest and absorb food in your body. Finally, sports activities and daily activities such as walking, shopping and even simple things scratching your head also cost energy. All these components together represent the total daily energy consumption.⠀

So energy enters your body through food, but energy also comes out through all the processes in your body and activities that you perform. The energy balance shows the difference between your energy intake and your energy consumption. ⠀

When your body receives as much energy as it uses, your energy is in balance. Your body weight will then remain stable. You do not gain weight, but you also do not lose any weight. If your body receives more energy than it uses, there is a positive energy balance. Your body weight then increases over time. When your body uses more energy than it receives, there is a negative energy balance. Your body weight will then decrease over time.⠀

There are several calculators online which will help you calculate your basal metabolism. We use the Harris Benedict Formula with our clients. You can find a link here below:⠀